What's Going on With I-95?

January 11 2022

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I-95 is changing, and though the traffic caused by construction may be frustrating, it’s being done for the benefit of Tacony! The work, expected to be complete by 2023, is part of a long-term project for the reconstruction of I-95 between Cottman Avenue and Bridge Street. In this final stretch, new water and sewer mains will be installed and the construction of the new on-ramp from Cottman Avenue to I-95 South will be completed.

The work to be done will also relocate Wissinoming Street between Princeton and Cottman Ave. This will provide a new opportunity for trail extensions to the Riverfront K&T and Tacony-Holmesburg Trails; enhance the local bicycle network, and improve fire-hydrant accessibility to I-95. While construction is being completed, city officials will have the opportunity to review and improve traffic patterns, incorporate design elements like street trees, and update highway lighting.

To learn more about the construction being done, its expected completion date, and how the changes might benefit our community, check out the project’s page on 95revive.com!

photo credit: 95Revive, CBS

article written by Amarynth Ruch


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