Art Installation Coming to the Tacony Library   

March 25 2021

The Tacony CDC is excited to announce the opening of a new outdoor art installation at the Tacony Library garden space called NOW by artist Mat Tomezsko. 

This eleven painting series will be surrounded by grass, trees, and flowering bushes within the Library's urban environment. The paintings’ textures and imagery reflect the setting and are enhanced by their surroundings. Each piece is unique but is visually linked to the others through style, imagery, pattern, and language. 

Some of the pieces are abstract, some look like flowers, and some of them depict people from the neighborhood. The paintings can be seen as a reflection on the ever-changing present and the passing of time. 

By using the very things that surround us—language, asphalt, people from our community, the seasons—the paintings evoke the cycles and structures that underpin our everyday life. The interconnecting patterns and text allude to a continual shift and offer multiple points of view, while the color and imagery are vibrant. During this time of isolation and uncertainty, these paintings are meant to be pleasing, optimistic, and thought-provoking.

The installation will be available beginning March 13 until mid-May. The exhibition is entirely outdoors, offering a safe cultural activity for individuals and families. 


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