Design and Safety Programs for Tacony Businesses

July 27 2023

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At the Tacony Community Development Corporation, a major part of our efforts to revitalize the Tacony neighborhood is assisting our local businesses. In our efforts to improve the safety and design of the Torresdale Business Corridor, we offer programs that can assist business owners with storefront improvements and security camera installation.

Storefront Improvement Program

The Tacony Community Development Corporation provides funding for storefront improvements to supplement the Storefront Improvement Program offered by the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce. This is a program that provides funds for improvements such as: masonry/brick pointing, exterior painting, windows/glazing, exterior doors, exterior facade lighting, see-through security grills, signage and awnings, and cornices. The TCDC can provide design assistance and additional funding for storefront improvement projects. Your business may be eligible for funding of up to 85% of your planned improvements! Have some things you're ready to update on your storefront? Contact us for more information!

Security Camera Grant Program

The Security Camera Grant Program seeks to increase safety for businesses and their neighborhoods by providing funding to purchase and install security cameras. All businesses are eligible to apply for the program, which is offered through the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce. The Tacony Community Development Corporation offers an additional Security Camera grant to eligible businesses to cover the cost of installation. Businesses that qualify for the grant must: own the property or have permission from the property owner to install cameras; be registered and licensed with the City of Philadelphia and be up-to-date with all city taxes; and be located within the TCDC business district. If these apply to you, contact us to learn more about the Security Camera Program, the Security Camera Grant, and for help applying to both!

The Tacony Community Development Corporation can be reached by phone at 215-856-3029, or by email at either or We can't wait to hear from you!


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