Funding Businesses Through PIDC

January 24 2022

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In order to continue improving, businesses and companies of all sizes need resources and support. PIDC is a non-profit organization founded by the City of Philadelphia and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia in 1958 that provides that support. In order to spur investment, support business growth, and foster developments that create jobs, the PIDC offers flexible financing tools, a targeted portfolio of industrial and commercial real estate, and decades of Philadelphia-based knowledge to help their clients.

The Tacony Community Development Corporation partners with the PIDC referring businesses to funding opportunities and technical assistance. Business owners looking for funding can find resources through the PIDC Community Capital, a non-profit and certified community development financial institution with a particular focus on small business lending in underserved, low-income communities. In addition, PIDC hosts many workshops and educational sessions to help business owners get the capital they need. Learn about financing through PIDC here.

Do you need property to expand your company? The PIDC manages the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development (PAID), a public authority that manages industrial and commercial real estate; issues bonds on behalf of non-profits and manufacturers; and delivers grant funding for economic development projects throughout the city. Learn more about PIDC’s real estate work here.

The PIDC is an organization dedicated to the development of the Philadelphia region and its businesses and residents. To find solutions and resources for any type of business or company; utilize the knowledge, networks, and experience of PIDC; read through success stories; or access PIDC’s available tools, check out their website. Your business deserves support, and PIDC can provide it!

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