Just One Commercial Vacancy on Torresdale Avenue

April 29 2022

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Over the last ten years, the Torresdale Business Corridor has been an important focal point for the Tacony Community Development Corporation. Since it became the focus of our revitalization efforts, Torresdale Avenue has seen new businesses popping up, new design elements such as trees and lighting, and a significant drop in commercial vacancy rates. Right now, there is just one active commercial vacancy on the whole of Torresdale Avenue!

According to a market report from Colliers, the retail vacancy rate in Philadelphia was at 9.5% at the end of 2021. Despite the impact of the pandemic, the Torresdale Avenue Business Corridor vacancy rate is at 0.9%; about 10 times lower than the city as a whole! To be considered a vacant commercial space, a building must be available for lease and zoned for commercial use. In addition to the space for rent at 6726 Torresdale Avenue, construction is underway on several other future commercial properties.

6726 Torresdale Avenue is located between Knorr Street and Unruh Avenue. It features a professional office, full bath, kitchen, and access to the yard and basement. For more information about the space and rates, text 917-224-1261 or call 215-824-5172. Entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, creators, and anyone else looking to start or expand a business in Tacony can find resources on our website. The Tacony Community Development Corporation is dedicated to supporting current and future business owners located in Tacony. To learn about resources available, funding opportunities, and retail space, contact the TCDC at 215-501-7799.


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