Philly Reclaim: Salvaging Materials and Teaching the Trade

September 02 2021

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Located at 5200 Unruh Ave, Philly Reclaim is doing its part to reduce construction waste and empower the community! The storefront is operated by Philadelphia Community Corps, a nonprofit that offers training services to revitalize Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and deconstruct abandoned buildings. At Philly Reclaim, the Community Corps’ salvaged materials are sold at a discount. Perusing their website here, you can find your own piece of Philadelphia’s architectural history at prices discounted by at least 50%.

In addition to salvaged construction materials, Philly Reclaim also hosts the Tacony Tool Library. By becoming a member here, Tacony’s home renovators can borrow tools, take classes, and access a woodworking shop and DIY workspace. Members of the Tacony Tool Library are promised safe lessons for working with all varieties of tools and any projects, regardless of skill-level. The staff there will make sure you have the expertise to do your own work, and Philly Reclaim will make sure you have all the necessary materials!

The Tacony storefront is open on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM, and weekends from 10AM to 6PM. Community members are encouraged to stop by, or call at (267)-343-4242. Take advantage of this fantastic local resource!

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