Storefront Lighting Program Moving Forward

July 10 2018

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We are excited to announce that the Brighten Tacony Storefront Initiative is moving forward! This new project will increase the amount of exterior lights on the participating businesses in an effort to make Torresdale Ave, and surrounding streets, brighter at night.

Eight businesses volunteered for this project, including Marie Huff Hairdressing, DeNofa's, the Tacony Savings Fund Building, Computer Guy, Bulls Eye Darts, East Coast Dental Lab, Kavanaugh's, and Sophie's Bridal. All of the businesses are located along Torresdale Ave, except the Tacony Savings Fund Building, which is located on Longshore Ave.

The lighting designs were completed through a partnership with the Community Design Collaborative, an organization that connects architects and designers to communities in order to complete pro bono design work. In addition to adding more lighting to the streets, the new lights will highlight significant architectural features on the buildings. Each of the business owners will have an opportunity to give feedback on the designs prior to installation. Construction is expected to begin early this fall.


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