Tacony LAB Welcomed 23,000 Visitors

August 01 2017

As Tacony prepares for the re-opening of the library, the neighborhood will say goodbye to the Tacony LAB space.  The LAB has been a great success, as it opened its doors to many residents over the past year. Here are some statistics:

Total items borrowed:  40,598
Total visitors:  23,004
Total reference questions answered:   44,374
Total public computer uses (includes PCs and laptops):   4727
Total school-age class visits:   62 visits;  total attendance:   1825
Total preschool storytimes:  20 programs;   total attendance:  249
Total afterschool program activities:  172 activities;   total attendance:  1622
Total children’s Summer Reading activities:  91 activities;  total attendance:   566

Thanks to all who visited, and we look forward to seeing you at the newly opened Tacony Branch of the Free Library in October.


Tacony LAB

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