Truly Tacony Business Spotlight: Marie Huff Hairdressing

November 14 2017

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Marie Huff Hairdressing is located at 6934 Torresdale Ave

When did you get started? 

I became a cosmetologist/teacher in 1985. 

Why did you get started in Tacony?

We are lifelong residents of Tacony. I worked for my mom, Marie Huff, who worked for Bill Baldi Salon, located at 6966 Torresdale Ave. My mother took over his business and it became Marie Huff Hairdressing. My parents purchased 6934 Torresdale Ave. and opened at the new location in 1985. I took over the business in 2002 and became the owner of the business and the building by 2004.  

What do you like most about being located on Torresdale Avenue in Tacony? 

As a lifelong resident of Tacony I love being in my neighborhood and seeing all the positive changes that are taking place. There is a feeling of family and a closeness of store members who look out for one another.

What do you enjoy most about your customers? 

I enjoy the loyalty, respect, and kindness of my customers.

What's your favorite item or service that you sell? 

I like that every customer is different and that they are willing to experiment with new ideas. You learn what your customer likes, and dislikes, and we try to make everyone happy and feel welcome.

What do you hope Tacony will look like in the future? 

I hope we continue with positive changes and Tacony remains family-friendly. We have a camaraderie in our neighborhood where businesses, neighbors and families work well together.


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