Truly Tacony Business Spotlight: Tacony Latin Flavor

September 22 2021

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For Latin food featuring Caribbean flavors, Tacony Latin Flavor is the number one destination in our neighborhood! Located at 6300 Torresdale Ave, this restaurant serves breakfast all day, traditional American dishes like wings and club sandwiches, and a huge variety of Hispanic food.

With various dishes featuring chicken, pork, and steak, visitors to Tacony Latin Flavor are almost certain to find something to suit their fancy! Stop in and try Chicharrón, a fried meat dish made all over Latin America. At Tacony Latin Flavor, they have Chicharrón de Cerdo (fried pork rinds) and Chicharrón de Pollo (fried chicken bites), both guilty pleasures from the Dominican Republic.

For breakfast, you should try Mofongo and Mangú, two preparations of mashed plantains that can be combined with so many other foods and sauces. Or just get the french toast, pancakes, eggs, or omelettes. We cannot stress enough how much food they have to offer at Tacony Latin Flavor!

With rice dishes, Latin stews, seafood, and even Dominican milkshakes, this local restaurant has something for almost anyone! Find them in person on Torresdale Ave, via phone at 215-904-7595, online, or with most food delivery services.

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Written by Amarynth Ruch


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